Production Services


Beyond audio technicians, Bluestreet will provide sound engineers and a producer at each event, to ensure a smooth running program.

We will install, test and operate a complete audio system with:

  • Full range of speakers
  • Stage monitors
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Professional grade press multboxes
  • Complete sound system and processing, backline and lighting


Bluestreet provides a comprehensive line of professional, broadcast quality stage lighting. We will wash the stage, provide backlighting and highlight the podium for the event. For large events Bluestreet will provide a full range of theatrical and event lighting.

Video Recording

Bluestreet records any size event for archival footage, live uplink, editing, repackaging and broadcast purposes. Our professional camera crews will record your program and provide footage in your requested format. We can uplink the footage for national or international audiences.

Image Magnification

With large audiences, the back and sides of the hall often have a difficult time seeing the stage. Bluestreet can provide the camera crew, proper projectors and screens to make every seat the best seat in the house. Not only can we project what is being said from the stage but PowerPoint presentations and video playback can all be brought to the audience in living color.

Satellite Media Tours

Bluestreet producers are SMT experts, with dozens of years of experience behind them. SMT's are a series of live on-air or taped one on one interviews between your talent and a reporter. In less than 90 minutes, your spokesperson can be interviewed and on the air in targeted markets, nationwide from a single location. SMTs can be produced in a studio, or from a remote location. SMTs target your message to essential media markets, eliminating travel and other expenses. Partnered with prepackaged video segments, SMTs can be the most effective tool to broadcast your message.

Staging an event when your keynote speaker or CEO can't attend? Let Bluestreet bring the speaker to your event live via satellite. From anywhere in the world, Bluestreet will put your talent in front of the camera, and downlink directly to your audience. This is an interactive event designed for maximum impact. Through live uplinks, product launches, rallies, concerts and speeches will be broadcast to reach the widest audience possible.

Town Hall Meetings

When event participants are widely dispersed, let Bluestreet bring them together via satellite broadcast. We will provide camera crews, lighting, audio, satellite uplink and projection to each hall. With on-site coordination, each venue will see and hear the prime site and enjoy interactive dialogue.

Video Production

Bluestreet professionally records interviews, events, press conferences and supporting footage in High Definition at any locale. Our producers, camera crews and audio engineers listen to your needs and records exactly what you want, from a single camera to a multi camera switched shoot.

We provide you with raw footage or produce and edit the footage into a Video News Release, Public Service Announcement, training demonstrations or complete video packages and programs ready for broadcast and distribution.

Industry Support

Bluestreet Productions will work with other media professionals and organizations as part of their team during projects where additional expertise is needed. When a client's requirements change or grow, call on Bluestreet to fill the void. When a satellite transmission is required or a television director, events producer or extra assistance is needed we can help, and represent your organization's high standards.

Studio Design

Unlike almost all turnkey broadcast systems integrators, we are truly independent of product dealers and any individual product, vendor, or manufacturer. We have no vested interest or pressure to recommend any one particular solution or component. BSP will research and utilize the most appropriate and cost efficient solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to partner with and work along side our clients, offer guidance and build a facility that exceeds expectations.

We will provide a long-term solution for the entire facility that will incorporate a variety of technologies. These include high definition, digital broadcast television, audio/video equipment, computer and broadcast TV graphics, networking communications, and facility control solutions.

We will work with you and explain each step. When the project is complete BSP will train your staff and instruct how to make the most out of the facility.